Saturday, November 28, 2009

Charming Girl

Charming Girl

She is sweet and pretty
Charming too
Whatever she might do or say
You never have a clue

Bright, sunny and sensual
She is a vision of style
Bold, beautiful and courageous
She has absolutely no guile

Funny at times
A charger too
Sometimes she might blow-up
But that's far and few

She makes this place
You want to go
An amazing person she may be
But my sweetheart she is more

Copyright ©2009 Roopesh Chandra Bose

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Friend

My Friend

On a day when you are blue
Let me tell you
You're unique and one of a kind
Someone like you
I will never find

Live a life of serenity
Not of regrets
You'll make it through
Whatever comes along
With a skip and a song

Reach for your peak
Your goal your prize
Within you are the answers
That the questions denied
As you fly and you seek

Take the time to
Wish upon a star
To look beyond the sea
The rivers and chasms
Across the mountains very far

For someday
You will know
Just how special a person
You are
My friend

Copyright ©2004 Roopesh Chandra Bose



I wish that I could see you
Just once more
But it cannot be so
I would have lived my life
Under your loving gaze
But was not to be
And now
If you cannot be a part of my life
Then I must forget you
Your memories
And if I had to make a wish
It would be to go on
Alone, without anyone
For if not you , then no one
No one.

Copyright ©2001 Roopesh Chandra Bose

The Road

The Road

The road is alive tonite
For the winds sing the tune
I have heard all my life
For the moon shines lite

A long walk down the road
Watching the stars shine bright
The birds fly high
Down the road tonite

It wound like a snake
Across the forgotten wasteland
A carrier of dreams & delight
Down the long road tonite

Bringing freedom to those who seek
A path long forgotten
It shimmers in the light
For it goes home tonite

Copyright ©2003 Roopesh Chandra Bose

The Ocean

The Ocean

As I watched the sun go down
Across the infinite sea
I remembered a face that held me
From deep within a voice
Sail away across the the broken sea
To be a nomad as can be

I held on
Far across the rising moon
A lonely bird
Tt's cries lost across the waves
Made me wonder

I had come too far
To turn back now
I reached out
And watched as it flew across
A barren ocean

For the ocean will be forever
As I turned and walked away

Copyright ©2002 Roopesh Chandra Bose

The Most Beautiful Sound

The Most Beautiful Sound

When you walk with the trees
And hear the wind play through the leaves
Laughing like little children a secret found
That my friend
Is the most beautiful sound

When you hear your child take its
First breath and cry
Looking at the deep blue sky
With a tear on your lips
And a tinkle in your eye

When you walk through the green grass
Hearing it sigh heavily beneath your feet
As the sun softly breaks new ground
That my friend
Is the most beautiful sound

As I walk by the shore
Hearing the deep blue sea roar
White against the sand and boulder
With nothing but the mighty wind
To tease and to hold her

A mothers song, sweet, lingering
Beautiful than a prima donna melody
The child sleeps as I walk the street around
That my friend
Is the most beautiful sound

Copyright ©2005 Roopesh Chandra Bose

The Rose

Tom shook the water off his coat as he stepped into the dingy inn. He stared at the falling drops as his steaming coffee arrived. Winter was coming fast and he had to find a job before his reserves ran out.

Amid his gloomy thoughts her face came through, laughing and playful. He smiled as he thought of her waiting at home for him.

He paid for the coffee and walked out, just as the sun broke through the clouds. Checking his empty pockets he pulled out his last coins.

Grinning like a boy, he thought "Just enough to buy a rose".

With a spring in his steps, he searched for a flower-shop. He had one more stop to make before he reached home.

Copyright ©2009 Roopesh Chandra Bose